Thursday, 24 November 2016

Maths Road Show.
We were lucky enough to be visited by the Maths Road Show. There were alot of activities which made us all really think.

The funnest part of the maths was playing with the truck. If it gets too heavy you have to let the other person do it.
By Anika

 I didn't have a turn with the monkey game, but maths was fun. I liked the coloured door game. You have to open the doors and read the words.
By Jacinta-Lee

The monkey game was fun.
By Roman

 I liked all of the games. The bridge one was really hard. I liked the games.
By Molly
 I liked all of the games because they were fun and cool. 
By Tiiria
We did maths. I liked the bridge. We had to make the bridge. It was easy.
By Tamati

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Anika story - Explain Everything movie file

We have been working with Mrs Ritchie on writng and recording a story on our tablets

videoSent from Explain Everything for iPad -

Monday, 22 August 2016

Buddy Reading with Room 4

Every Monday and Tuesday our Buddy Readers listen to us read our books. We love listening to our older buddies read their books fluently to us. Sometimes our buddies even write stories to share with us. They are very good readers and writers as well as listeners.

Buddy writing with Room Four about bird feeders.

Buddy  Writing with Room Zero
As well as Buddy reading we also wrote some stories with our Buddies in Room Zero as part of our teina / tuakana relationship with our younger buddies.

We put string on the pine cone, then we put white fat all over it. We got sticky and then we put peanut butter on before we put our bird seeds on it.   Mikaira and Vinnie

Today Room Zero made bird feeders to feed the hungry birds outside. They like our bird feeder better than the seeds on the tree. It was good fun.
Lucas and Jack

We have to put the string on the bird feeder. We had to put the bird seeds on a pinecone. First we put white fat all over the cone. So we could put peanut butter before we put the seeds all over it.
By Manaaki and Liam

We liked it when we made bird feeders because it was fun. It was a beautiful day to make the bird feeders because the birds were hungry.

By Mikaila and Anika
We put string on our pinecone today so then we put fat on our pinecone. We got sticky hands from the fat and then we put some peanut butter on the pinecone. Lastly we put the bird seeds on our pinecones.
Harlem and Noah

1. We put a long string onto the hard pinecone.
2. We put the squishy white fat on the cone.
3. We rolled it with peanut butter all over.
4. Last we spread bird seeds on it
By Shivan and Josh
We put string on the pinecone. The pinecone had peanut butter put on it. The peanut butter was covered with bird seed and dried before we put it outside.
Kingston and Palin
We tied the string to the pinecone and we pushed the white fat all over it. We then rolled the pinecone in the peanut butter then in the bird seed.We put the bird feeder on the paper to dry.
Molly and Jade
My brother made a birdfeeder. He likes looking at the birds eating the seeds on it. The like the fat, peanut butter and seeds. They were hungry.
Arohaina and Takiri
Today Jeziah made a birdfeeder. First I used some ingredients. I put some string through the pine cone. We put white fat on the pinecone that was icky, yicky, sticky fat. Then we put some peanut butter on the birdseed. It was sticky and we put some bird food on it. I like working with my buddy Mere.
By Mere and Jeziah
We put string on a pinecone then we put fat on it. We put peanut butter all over it. We finished by putting bird feed on it.
By Te Hauata and Dale

Monday, 18 July 2016

Speeches 2016

We have been learning about speech writing. Our speeches this year had to be argument based (where you explain your reasons for a certain opinion). We started off with writing about cats and dogs as this subject is one my pupils are familiar with. I am very proud of our Room Zero pupils. Their ideas and writing were of a very high standard (especially considering some pupils have only been at school for a few months). We hope you enjoy reading our speeches. Thank you to Room Four pupils who helped us to learn our speeches and thank you to our parents for their help at home.

Hello, my name is Noah.
My speech is about
dogs and cats.

I think dogs are better
than cats because
I have a dog called
Brownie and he
doesn’t scratch people.

Dogs can run fast, fast,
Dogs can keep you safe
because if there’s a robber
dogs can bite them.

I don’t like cats because
they don’t even bite robbers.
Dogs brains are bigger than
cats in proportion to their
body size.
That’s why dogs are smarter
than cats.
Dogs don’t worry about
getting wet, but cats
hate getting wet.

These are the reasons
why I think dogs are
better than cats.
Thank you

My name it Te Hauata
My speech is about lollies.

I think people should not
eat lollies because they
are not healthy for your
teeth. Your teeth will get

You can get silly when
you eat too many lollies.
Lollies are bad for you
because they’re not healthy.
Thank you

I am Tiiria.
My speech is about

I think people should
eat vegetables.
I eat all the vegetables
on my plate for my
dinner. I like all

People need to eat
vegetables so they can
be healthy and strong.
If you eat vegetables
your sores will go away.

I even eat peas.
I hope you all eat your
vegetables tonight.
Thank you

I am Palin.
My speech is about
cats and dogs.

Cats are not fast.
Dogs are fast.
Dogs are big
and cats are small.

Cats are noisy.
I would like a dog
because dogs can
run fast.
Thank you

My name is Takiri.
My speech is about
not having lollies at

You shouldn’t have
lollies at school
because you could
get rotten teeth.
Thank you

My name is Shivam.
My speech is about
the beach.

I love the beach. I think
people should go to the
beach every day because
it’s really good and sunny.

When you are at the beach
you can meet people who
speak your language.

That is why I like the
Thank you.

My name is Anika.
My speech is about
cats and dogs are better
pets than turtles and

Dogs tell you when people or
strangers come and cats
catch mice.

Cats and dogs can sometimes
sniff their way back home
if they are lost.

When Monty my turtle is
out in the pond, he eats
fish. Our chickens are not
very good because they
are not laying any eggs.
When they get big, fat and
old, they die.

That is why I think cats
and dogs are better than
chickens and turtles.

Thank you.

Friday, 17 June 2016

    Tiiria was awarded the Principal's certificate at this Friday's assembly.
We were learning about the letter Qq this week. We made crowns and had a big book and a poem about Queens.